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Simply Green Home Services specializes in the NEW GENERATION in whole-home energy efficient appliances for heating, cooling, water, and air filtration


Simply Green takes time across the country to give back to our local partner charities.


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Simply the Best

In 2015 and 2016 Simply Green was ranked as one of the Best Places to Work in Canada

We are proud Albertans, based in Edmonton

Simply Green’s trained Eco-advisors can provide a detailed assessment of your home’s energy consumption and recommend ways to save money and improve the health of your home.

Assessments are free and come with no obligation.

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Alberta’s Whole-home Energy Efficiency Experts

Hepa Air Filtration

Water Filtration


Air Conditioner

Hepa Air Filtration

  • 3-stage military/hospital-grade filters
  • Removes up to 99.7% of air impurities
  • Perfect for homes with pets and smokers
  • Create a healthier home for living and sleeping

Water Filtration

  • Reduce exposure to carcinogenic by-products
  • Don't let impure water harm your skin
  • Untreated water causes undue wear and tear on your homes pipes and appliances


  • High-efficiency furnaces help reduce energy consumption and carbon impact
  • Brushless energy-efficient DC Motors and powered venting

Air Conditioner

  • High-efficiency 14.5+ SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)
  • Replace toxic R-22 coolant (being phased out by the government) with new R-410A coolant

Why renting is the right choice for you! Renting high-efficiency home energy appliances is cost-effective and worry free

Canadians love the power of renting

  • Low-cost monthly payments vs large upfront capital cost
  • No-Charge for Installation
  • Expert Installation by Professional and Certified Technicians
  • Full Coverage on all Parts and Labour for the Lifetime of the Equipment
  • Free and Total Replacement on all Equipment if Unserviceable
  • 24-hour Emergency Service Line Available for Fast and Reliable Service

Save your hard-earned cash by paying in low monthly installments

Simply Green’s at-your-door service

In recent months, some regions in Canada have put legislation in place to protect homeowners from door-to-door salespeople.

Simply Green supports the legislation and has been a vocal contributor to its creation, as we believe in protecting homeowners.

Simply Green's team is ready to serve you and your family and complies with all local and national regulations.

Simply Green has happy clients across Alberta

No Muss. No Fuss. Just Service

At Simply Green, you are not just another project number or one more chore to face. You are a valued customer who deserves the best possible respect and care. We consider it a privilege that you are considering us as your service provider of choice in Edmonton. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality of support today, tomorrow, and as long as you need us.

Why Choose Us?

Our customers stay around for a lot of reasons. They include:

  • Prompt attention. We know you don’t like waiting and we don’t like it either. That’s why our customer support team makes every customer call a priority.
  • We listen. How many times have you tried to explain a problem to a service and been interrupted or brushed off out of hand? Every word you say matters to us.
  • Trained and properly licensed personnel. Simply Green takes pride in making sure every member of our team is has the training and expertise needed to take care of each customer.
  • We tell it like it is. Instead of trying to sell you something that you don’t want or need, our team will work with you to find the solution that’s best and make sure you have all the information needed to make the right decision.

What We Offer

Simply Green offers services designed to ensure your home is comfortable all year long:

  • Heating services and support. Not sure if your furnace has seen better days or if a few repairs will make things right? We’ll conduct a full inspection and go over the results with you. If there is the need for a new furnace, our team can work with you to find the ideal unit and take care of the installation.
  • Cooling services too. We also offer different cooling systems for your consideration. When repairs are not enough, we take the guesswork out of finding the right replacement. You can depend on us to install the new unit properly and test it before considering the job done.
  • Water filtration solutions that are right for you. Our solutions for whole-home water filtration are without peer. You’ll notice a difference in the way the water tastes, the amount of detergent you use for the laundry, and even how you no longer have to use as much soap and shampoo in the shower. Along with installing the system, we also offer maintenance and upkeep to ensure the system always works at peak efficiency.
  • Free consultations. Did we mention that we are happy to visit your home and prepare a free consultation for any type of system you need? Our quotes are detailed and will include all expenses related to the repairs, the maintenance, or the replacement. That’s in line with our commitment to always ensure that you have what you need to make an informed choice.

Call our Edmonton office today and let us tell you more about what we have to offer. A professional will visit your home at your convenience and go over all the possibilities in detail. Once you make your choice, we’ll ensure that everything is taken care of quickly and efficiently.

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High-efficiency Air Conditioning

Hepa Air Filtration

High-efficiency Air Conditioning

Water Filtration

High-efficiency Air Conditioning


High-efficiency Air Conditioning

Air Conditioner