Product Overview

  • An Air Conditioner has three core parts: the compressor, condenser (both located outside of your house), and evaporator connected to your furnace.
  • Warm warm is blown across the evaporator coil that is filled with refrigerant that absorbs the heat in the air before it is distributed throughout your house.

Why upgrade to a high-efficiency air conditioner?

  • High-efficiency air conditioners have higher (13+) SEER ratings and use less energy
  • High-efficiency air conditioners have multi-stage or multi-compressor units, which allows them to run at lower thresholds and save energy when the unit doesn't need to work at full-capacity.
  • High-efficiency units run more quickly and installation is a great time to clean your ducts and filters

Key Benefits of Renting a High-Efficiency Air Conditioner

  • New high-efficiency air conditioners are expensive and cost between $6,500 and $10,000+ in installation costs depending on the size of your house
  • High-efficiency air conditioners require regular maintenance to ensure proper air flow and coolant levels and rental programs include maintenance services for FREE
  • Rental programs require $0 of upfront costs and monthly fees are spread-out over 7, 10 and 15 year terms
  • Rental programs provide a warranty for parts and labour that lasts the life of the equipment
  • Having a qualified TSSA-certified installer ensures a safe and reliable installation and ensure you are eligible for all government rebates

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High-efficiency Air Conditioning

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High-efficiency Air Conditioning

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High-efficiency Air Conditioning


High-efficiency Air Conditioning

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