Lennox Furnace

Explore the power of a Lennox furnace

  • Lennox Furnaces are some of the quietest, most energy-efficient furnaces you can buy
  • In order to maintain it's high operating efficiency, it needs to be maintained throughout the cold Canadian winters and warm summers
  • Our technicians will then install the right furnace for you and continue to maintain your furnace for free as needed!

Why Upgrade your furnace?

  • A furnace draws in cold-air from outside, heats it up, and circulates the now warm air into your house
  • If your house is over 20-years old, your furnace is likely only a mid-efficient model and in need of replacement
  • Older, mid-efficient furnaces operate at about 50-65% the efficiency of newer, high-efficiency units because the new units recycle and clean the exhaust air allowing only 3-4 % of the warm air to be wasted
  • A mid-efficient furnace means you are likely paying 40-50% more for your energy bills
  • Older furnaces are more prone to heat exchanger issues which can result in carbon monoxide entering your home. Replacing your aging furnace before a situation like this occurs is the safest option

  • Government rebates
    and grants exist to help you!

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Key Benefits of Renting a High-Efficiency Furnace

  • New high-efficiency furnaces are expensive and could cost upwards of $6,500 to install depending on the size of your house
  • Rental programs require $0 of upfront costs and monthly fees are spread-out over 15-year terms
  • Rental programs provide a warranty for parts and labor for the life of the term
  • Renting a furnace through us means you no longer have to worry about maintenance fees for your furnace as all costs after installation are covered
  • Having a qualified TSSA-certified installer ensures a safe and reliable installation and allows you to be eligible for all government rebates
  • Call us now: +1(800)-764-5138

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