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5 Reasons Why You Should Lease Your HVAC System

When you find yourself in the position of having to replace a malfunctioning, broken down, or just plain outdated HVAC system, the idea of fronting the cost of a large lump sum purchase can be stressful, especially if it isn’t an expense you planned or budgeted for. That’s why Simply Green Home Services offers a comprehensive lease-to-own program that allows customers to access new, energy-efficient cooling and heating systems fast and affordably. Here are five reasons why leasing a new HVAC system could be the best homeownership decision you make.

$0 Upfront Cost

Leasing programs, such as that offered by Simply Green Home Services, provide affordable monthly payment options with no huge down payments, deposits, or initial fees. Your monthly payment covers every part of the HVAC purchase, including the pre-inspection, installation, and labour costs. This is just one of the ways that Simply Green Home Services can provide comfort and peace of mind for homeowners.

The Help You Need When You Need It

If you run into any issues with your new HVAC system, the last thing you want to worry about is budgeting for repairs—you need it fixed, and fast. Leasing your HVAC system gives you access to Simply Green Home Service’s 24/7 emergency service at no additional charge. Leasing customers also have an after-hours service line to report issues and connect on repairs as soon as possible.

Crystal-Clear Repairs Included

We’re proud of the quality and durability of the products we offer, but we also understand that sometimes repairs are inevitable with equipment like this. That’s why if your system does end up needing service, you won’t be stuck with any hidden surcharges for replacement parts or labour—both are included with your lease agreement. Better still, you can be confident that any repairs or new parts you receive are in line with our commitment to energy efficiency. You will also receive full-term parts and labour warranty coverage.

You Get What You Pay For

When you reach the end of your lease term, you’ll own your HVAC system, full stop. Our “lease-to-own” model allows you to receive all the benefits of renting a system (affordable monthly payments, customer support, $0 upfront costs, $0 cost for repairs, etc.) while progressing towards full ownership. Of course, if you end up selling your home before your lease term is up, the lease-to-own agreement can easily be transferred to the new owners.

Fast Solutions for a Fast-Paced World

When your family is without cooling or heating, you’re going to want a fix quickly, especially in sweltering summers and blistering winters. Saving up for a large purchase can take the time that you just may not have to spare. Our focus is efficiency, both in terms of energy consumption and customer service. We take pride in personalizing solutions for your home so you can live comfortably and affordably with the best (and greenest) HVAC solutions available. Contact us today to speak with one of our Home Comfort Specialists!

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