John Wood ProLine® & ProLine® Master Electric Water Heater Tank
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John Wood ProLine® & ProLine® Master Electric Water Heater Tank

The John Wood ProLine® & ProLine® Master series of electric water heater tanks are heavily insulated and resistant to damage, making them both efficient and long-lasting. These models have an exclusive TankSaver® design with a glass-lined tank that resists corrosion, a top-mounted heavy duty anode rod for extra tank protection, and a tamper-resistant brass drain valve. The exclusive TankSaver® design also protects against water damage. It’s insulated with CFC-free foam, factory-installed heat trap nipples, and a Styropour base. This water heater is extra energy-efficient, exceeding Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) standards.

These heaters come with thermostatically controlled functions and long-life elements that minimize the frequency and need for repairs. Its openings and valves are conveniently located, allowing for quick and easy installation. The ProLine® and ProLine® Master Electric Water Heater is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable water heater that will last for years to come.

They are available in various capacities:

Bottom Entry Models

E50BE-30208 (50 gallon)
E50BE-30240 (50 gallon)
E50BE-45208 (50 gallon)
E80BE-45240 (50 gallon)
E80BE-30208 (80 gallon)
E80BE-30240 (80 gallon)
E80BE-45208 (80 gallon)
E80BE-45240 (80 gallon)

Top Entry Models

E50TE-30208 (40 gallon)
E50TE-30240 (40 gallon)
E50TE-38240 (40 gallon)
E50TE-45208 (40 gallon)
E50TE-45240 (40 gallon)
E50TE-55208 (40 gallon)
E50TE-60240 (40 gallon)
E66TE-38240 (50 gallon)
E66TE-45208 (50 gallon)
E66TE-45240 (50 gallon)
E80TE-30208 (60 gallon)
E80TE-30240 (60 gallon)
E80TE-38240 (60 gallon)
E80TE-45208 (60 gallon)
E80TE-45240 (60 gallon)
E80TE-55208 (60 gallon)
E80TE-60240 (60 gallon)
E50TEM-30240 (40 gallon)
E50TEM-38240 (40 gallon)
E80TEM-45240 (60 gallon)

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