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Here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions to Consider for 2022

With a new year upon us, now is the perfect time to start thinking about change, about fresh starts, and about resolutions we can put in place to make the most of the next 12 months. Here are five New Year’s resolutions to consider for yourself and your home in 2022, plus our best tips for seeing them through. 

1. Save Money 

Take a look at your home’s HVAC equipment to see where upgrades may be needed. Did you know that homes with an energy-efficient heat pump can save 50-60% on their annual energy costs? That’s not the only way a household can save on energy. New models of fuel-burning gas furnaces with a minimum AFUE rating of 96% can save you thousands of dollars over the years, compared to older furnaces. Plus, if you’re looking to save more in the short-term, you can’t go wrong with the Simply Green Home Services lease-to-own program with $0 upfront and affordable monthly payments. 

2. Tidy Up 

There’s a couple of ways that you can keep things clean and tidy this year. If you’ve been shifting around furniture to make space for Christmas trees or holiday parties, now’s a good time to try a new setup. A change of scenery is always nice and it may just open up space you didn’t know you had. Just make sure that nothing is blocking vents or wall ducts. Also, now that your heating has likely been running for several weeks, it’s a great time to clean out your filters and ducts and make sure you’re not cycling old dust around your home. If you find dust to be a problem, consider looking into a whole-home air filtration system—HEPA filters can make a significant improvement to the air quality of your home. 

3. Be More Environmentally Friendly 

Simply Green Home Services takes pride in being a company that is focused on sustainability and reducing the carbon footprints of Canadians, which is why we only offer products that meet the highest standards for energy efficiency. Whether it’s a tankless water heater that only heats the water on demand, an ozone-powered laundry system that reduces or eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, or a new sustainable model of air conditioner to replace an old clanky, high-energy device, there’s a “green” solution that will satisfy both your home and the planet. 

4. Get Healthier 

In addition to the usual things like eating cleaner and getting more active, there are things you can do around your home to improve your overall health and well-being. If anyone in your home struggles with allergies or breathing sensitivities, or is prone to coughs and colds, a whole-home air filtration system could be a key investment for improved health over the next year. You may also want to consider a whole-home humidification or air filtration system, which can be especially helpful in the dry winter months to restore moisture and help you and your family breathe easier. There’s also the option of investing in a whole-home water filtration system that uses reverse osmosis to ensure your water is free of odours, toxins, or heavy metals—giving you and your family cleaner, purer, healthier water. 

5. Live Life to the Fullest 

The last thing you want to dominate your year are worries about home maintenance. With Simply Green Home Service’s leasing options with affordable monthly payments , you also have 24-hour access to repair and maintenance experts with no hidden fees for parts or service—all included! Plus, when you reach the end of your lease term, there’s no tricks or traps: the equipment is yours. Talk to the Home Comfort experts at Simply Green Home Services today to find out more ways that we can make your next year as comfortable and energy efficient as possible. 

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