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Lennox Elite Series Gas Furnace (EL296V)

The Lennox EL296V variable-speed two-stage gas furnace is one of the most technologically advanced solutions designed for your heating needs. This model has a 96% efficiency rating and is ENERGY STAR qualified. When compared to a furnace with a 60% efficiency rating, this model from Lennox can save you up to $3,759 over five years, $7,518 over 10 years, and $11,277 over 15 years.*

The variable-speed function in this model means that you have greater control over the airflow through your home when the unit is on. The two-stage function allows the system to find a smarter balance between comfort and efficiency.

The Lennox EL296V gas furnace is available in multiple BTUs:

EL296UH045XE36B (45 BTU)
EL296UH045XV36B (45 BTU)
EL296UH070XE36B (70 BTU)
EL296UH070XV36B (70 BTU)
EL296UH090XV36C (90 BTU)
EL296UH110XE60C (110 BTU)

*SOURCE: https://www.lennox.com/products/heating-cooling/furnaces/el296v  

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