RunTru Heat Pump (A4HP4)
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RunTru Heat Pump (A4HP4)

The RunTru A4HP4 line of heat pumps are an excellent option for managing climate indoors. They come in 1.5 to 5-ton capacities for any sized home. Heat pumps are a full climate control solution, providing both heating and cooling for your home.

With a 14 SEER rating, this line of heat pumps offers a great balance between excellent energy efficiency and affordability. The A4HP4 series is also designed to be compact in size so they do not require a large footprint for installation, which is great for smaller homes with tighter spaces.

Customers will enjoy the long-lasting quality construction of these units. The cabinet and base pan are made with a thick, pre-painted steel that can withstand wear and tear for years to come.

The RunTru A4HP4 heat pump is available in multiple BTUs and tons:

A4HP4018A1000B (18K BTU, 1.5 ton)
A4HP4024A1000B (24K BTU, 2 ton)
A4HP4030A1000B (30K BTU, 2.5 ton)
A4HP4036A1000B (36K BTU, 3 ton)
A4HP4042A1000B (42K BTU, 3.5 ton)
A4HP4048A1000B (48K BTU, 4 ton)
A4HP4060A1000B (60K BTU, 5 ton)

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