Welcome to the Team

At Simply Green, we help turn your energy into assets. To do this, we help take your energy and passion and help you develop skills and habits that lead to current and future success.

We have been awarded as one of Canada's Best Places to Work because we care about our employees and allow them to care about our clients.

We were born under the entrepreneurial vision of our CEO Lawrence Krimker - a celebrated and successful CEO who has proven his ability to grow teams - see below for Lawrence's full-story.

The Simply Group is more than a company - it's a family - together we help Canadians homeowners with high-efficiency home appliance upgrades as well our commercial builders and building managers with LED retrofits with SimplyLED and utility Metering with Simply Metering.

Work Perks

At Simply Green we believe great work deserves great recognition. Our team-member who join Simply Green enjoy the following great benefits:

  • Competitive compensation and bonus structure
  • Health and Wellness Benefits
  • Stocked Snack-cart
  • Opportunities to travel and see the country
  • Individual coaching
  • Quarterly team-parties
  • Birthday cake!
  • Opportunities for professional development & coaching
  • Weekly, Monthly, Annual Employee Awards
  • Exotic 5-star Vacation Bonuses

Our Values

The Ambition of the Extra Mile
The extra mile of effort is where our best results flourish, we strive for those miles. Suzanne logged-in after midnight to ensure a client’s installation went in.
Take Risks
Our team is not afraid to fail when pursuing our goals Kenny sees a chance for a new LED business line and takes it!
Reward and Recognition
We celebrate a job well-done and people feel appreciated Every Saturday we recognize our most dedicated sales agent.
Today, not Tomorrow
We understand that action now always breeds best results. Mohsin knows that client issues need to be resolved today, not tomorrow.
Details Matter Big and Small
Our team sees problems at 30,000 ft and 3 ft. Trish takes time to celebrate out clients’ birthdays, because they matter.
Resourcefulness to Make it Happen
We don’t let the number of resources limit our resourcefulness to get the job done. Shantall makes magic happen to get all installs complete in-time.


CEO Simply Green Home Services
It's not when you start, it's how you finish!

Lawrence Krimker is the living leadership lesson of E + T = R, where effort plus time equals results. Over the past 30 years, Lawrence has moved from founder to be celebrated as one of Canada's top entrepreneurs.

While attending York University, Lawrence launched a window-cleaning business that grew to employ 80 people in 3-offices and serve over 30,000 clients. From the window cleaning business, Lawrence shifted his sights to help homeowners improve their home with high-efficiency energy appliances that help to improve their health, reduce their carbon footprint, and save hard earned dollars.

Lawrence understands that a great company is fuelled by the hard work and dedication of a great team who all share a focus on the a great client experience. Simply Green is celebrated as one of Canada's Best Places to Work in large part because of the passion and commitment Lawrence inspires everyday in all aspects of our business.

Simply Green has appreciated huge growth over the past 4-years and the future is bright as we grow the team, service offering, and client base.

Meet some of our Team-members

Hi I’m Lawrence!

As CEO I’m very proud to work with such a dedicated team to help all of our customers across all business lines across the country.

Hi I’m Kenny!

I’m the President of SimplyLED and work closely with building owners to retrofit their lighting systems to maximize government rebates and energy savings.

Director of Operations

Dela oversees all systems and processes to ensure our clients' needs are met 24-7.

Hi I’m Marcos!

At Simply Green I work closely with our builders to ensure they receive a seamless experience from initial conversations through to equipment installation.

Hi I’m David!

As VP Operations, I work across our businesses to ensure they are operating as smoothly as possible to create a great client experience.

Hi I’m Max!

I’ve been with Simply Green since the beginning and oversee our field operations to ensure installs and servicing runs smoothly for our clients. When I’m not at work, I’m on the rink!

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