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Goodman Gas Furnace (GMEC96)

The Goodman GMEC96 furnace by Goodman was designed to provide you with premium efficiency at an affordable price point. It features two superior heat exchangers that ensure you’re getting the most energy efficiency. This model converts 96% of the energy used into direct heat for your home (this is the highest mark for Goodman with a two-stage furnace). With an innovative design and added features to provide greater durability and efficiency, this range from Goodman is an ideal choice for any homeowner looking to reduce energy consumption and improve their comfort without having to overspend.

The Goodman GMEC96 gas furnace is available in multiple BTUs:

GMEC960303ANA (30K BTU)
GMEC960403ANA (40K BTU)
GMEC960603ANA (60K BTU)
GMEC960302BNA (30K BTU)
GMEC960402BNA (40K BTU)
GMEC960603BNA (60K BTU)
GMEC960803BNA (80K BTU)
GMEC960804CNA (80K BTU)
GMEC961004CNA (100K BTU)
GMEC961005CNA (100K BTU)
GMEC961205DNA (120K BTU)

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