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Keeprite QuietComfort 96 Gas Furnace (G96VTN)

The Keeprite QuietComfort gas furnace will ensure that you stay warm and comfortable inside, even during the coldest winters. Enjoy enhanced temperature control with reliable two-stage operation and a variable-speed blower. These systems also work with your cooling unit in the summer months to help pull moisture out of the air.

The Keeprite QuietComfort96 gas furnace is available in multiple BTUs:

G96VTN0401410A (40K BTU)
G96VTN0401410A (40K BTU)
G96VTN0601412A (60K BTU)
G96VTN0601714A (60K BTU)
G96VTN0801716A (80K BTU)
G96VTN0802120A (80K BTU)
G96VTN1002120A (100K BTU)
G96VTN1002122A (100K BTU)
G96VTN1202422A (120K BTU)

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