Novo Aqua Flo® Under Sink Filtration System
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Novo Aqua Flo® Under Sink Filtration System

The Novo Aqua Flo® Under Sink Filtration System is a small, non-invasive water filtration system that can remove many small sized contaminants, from particles of 10 microns with the single-stage coconut carbon filter to 0.2 microns with the 3-stage ultra-filtration system. The option of up to 3 filter stages for a system means you can filter out as few or as many contaminants as you need to make your water safe to consume. Its thin film membrane is capable of producing up to 75 gallons of purified water per day without stripping it completely of nutrients.

The best part of this system is how easy it is to maintain—there are no tools or water shut-off required to change the filter. All you have to do is simply twist the old filter off from under the cap of the system and pull down. Then, push in the new filter in the same spot and twist on. You can’t go wrong with this premium product at an economical price point.

The Novo Under Sink Filtration System is available in five different models with single-stage, 2-stage, or 3-stage filtration:

475QC-1C (single stage, coconut carbon filter)
475QC-1S (single stage, sediment filter)
475QC-1G (single stage, granular activated carbon filter)
475QC-2 (2 stage, sediment + coconut carbon filter)
475QC-3 (3 stage, sediment + coconut carbon + ultra-filtration)

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