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NovoSoft 485HE Water Softener

Have you noticed marks on your dishes, buildup in your appliances, or have really dry skin and hair? Chances are you’re dealing with hard water in your home. The NovoSoft 485HE Water Softener works to improve water quality by using sodium ions (salt) to filter out the minerals that cause hard water, namely calcium and magnesium. This system is designed to not only provide you with softer, cleaner water, but also includes features that ensure you have the highest-quality water ready whenever you need it.

The NovoSoft 485HE Water Softener is available in various models:

NVO485HE-75C (up to 15.6 gallons/minute)
NVO485HE-100C (up to 16 gallons/minute)
NVO485HE-75 (up to 14.3 gallons/minute)
NVO485HE-100 (up to 15 gallons/minute)
NVO485HE-150 (up to 15.1 gallons/minute)
NVO485HE-200 (up to 16.2 gallons/minute)
NVO485HE-300 (up to 16.6 gallons/minute)

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