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RainSoft EC5 Water Conditioning System

The EC5 Water Conditioning System by RainSoft is one of the most advanced water systems. It’s designed to provide you and your family with an endless supply of cleaner, softer water by removing calcium and magnesium (the two main culprits in hard water) and improving the quality of water throughout your home. With a computer control that tracks water usage in the home and then regenerates accordingly, this system will help you save on water and electricity usage. Plus, it provides real-time status notifications and has just a few moving parts, which means greater reliability and longer, more trouble-free operation.

The RainSoft EC5 Water Conditioning System is available in various models, depending on the tank size and flow rate that you require.

Ion-X 2000 V Resin Models:

EC5 50 V / EC5 50 CV
EC5 60SS V / EC5 60SS CV
EC5 60S V / EC5 60S CV
EC5 75 V / EC5 75 CV
EC5 100 V / EC5 100 CV
EC5 100S V / EC5 100S CV
EC5 150 V / EC5 150 CV
EC5 250 V / EC5 250 CV
EC5 400 V / EC5 400 CV
EC5-CAB 60 V / EC5-CAB 60 CV
EC5-CAB 100 V / EC5-CAB 100 CV

Ion-X 100 T Resin Models:

EC5 50 T / EC5 50 CT
EC5 60SS T / EC5 60SS CT
EC5 60S T / EC5 60S CT
EC5 75 T / EC5 75 CT
EC5 100 T / EC5 100 CT
EC5 100S T / EC5 100S CT
EC5 150 T / EC5 150 CT
EC5 250 T / EC5 250 CT
EC5 400 T / EC5 400 CT
EC5-CAB 60 T / EC5-CAB 60 CT
EC5-CAB 100 T / EC5-CAB 100 CT

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