Novo Aqua Flo® H.E.R.O. (High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis) System
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Novo Aqua Flo® H.E.R.O. (High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis) System

The Novo Aqua Flo® High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis (H.E.R.O.) System uses an incredibly efficient process that wastes virtually zero water. The wastewater that remains after purifying is recycled and used throughout the rest of the house instead of being flushed down the drain. This gives the system a 99.9% recovery rate. Comparable reverse osmosis systems waste anywhere from a whopping 4 to 12 gallons of water for every 1 gallon of water they produce. Over the course of a year, using the Novo Aqua Flo® H.E.R.O. System can save you up to 7,000 gallons of water compared to using another.

To ensure the highest quality water at any given point, this system flushes its membrane with purified water whenever the tank is full and then depressurizes it, so only purified water is produced when the system starts again. If you’re looking for high efficiency and high quality, choose H.E.R.O.™

Model Number: 20010075

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