Goodman Ducted Heat Pump (GSZ14)
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Goodman Ducted Heat Pump (GSZ14)

The Goodman GSZ14 ducted heat pump is designed to provide your home with both cooling and heating in the most energy-efficient way possible. It comes with an ENERGY STAR® certification, which means that in addition to being energy-efficient, these units also inhibit greenhouse gas emissions.

This model from Goodman comes equipped with a number of features that enable it to work optimally in even the most extreme weather conditions, so you can rest assured knowing you and your family will never be left out in the cold (or the heat).

The Goodman GSZ14 ducted heat pump is available in multiple BTUs and tons:

GSZ140181 (18K BTU, 1.5 ton)
GSZ140241 (24K BTU, 2 ton)
GSZ140301 (30K BTU, 2.5 ton)
GSZ140361 (36K BTU, 3 ton)
GSZ140421 (42K BTU, 3.5 ton)
GSZ140481 (48K BTU, 4 ton)
GSZ140601 (60K BTU, 5 ton)

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