RunTru Air Conditioner (A4AC4)
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RunTru Air Conditioner (A4AC4)

The A4AC4 series of air conditioners from RunTru offer multiple capacity options ranging from 1.5 to 5 tons. Installation is simple and straightforward thanks to the compact design of these units, which take up significantly less space than many other models. In addition, every AC unit in this series uses the standard 3/8” liquid line, which every installation and maintenance professional should have on hand.

Customers will love the improved efficiency of these systems, which have a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 14. This highly desirable feature is made even more attractive by the fact that this unit only produces 74-76 dB of sound while active.

The RunTru A4AC4 air conditioner is available in multiple BTUs and tons:

A4AC4018A1000B (18K BTU, 1.5 ton)
A4AC4024A1000B (24K BTU, 2 ton)
A4AC4030A1000B (30K BTU, 2.5 ton)
A4AC4036A1000B (36K BTU, 3 ton)
A4AC4042A1000B (42K BTU, 3.5 ton)
A4AC4048A1000B (48K BTU, 4 ton)
A4AC4060A1000B (60K BTU, 5 ton)

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