RunTru Air Conditioner (A4AC3)
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RunTru Air Conditioner (A4AC3)

The A4AC3 line of air conditioners from RunTru comes in multiple sizes ranging from 1.5 to 5-ton capacity, making it a great option for homes of all types. All models in this line feature a standard 3/8” liquid line, which makes it easier to install and maintain.

Running this AC unit is not only effective, but thanks to the scroll compressor and precision assembly, it is also surprisingly quiet at just 74-76 db. Homeowners who choose a unit from this line will benefit from the 13 SEER rating, which is a good balance between affordability and high cooling efficiency.

The RunTru A4AC3 air conditioner is available in multiple BTUs and tons:

A4AC3018A1000B (18K BTU, 1.5 ton)
A4AC3023A1000B (24K BTU, 2 ton)
A4AC3029A1000B (30K BTU, 2.5 ton)
A4AC3036A1000B (36K BTU, 3 ton)
A4AC3042A1000B (42K BTU, 3.5 ton)
A4AC3048A1000B (48K BTU, 4 ton)
A4AC3060A1000B (60K BTU, 5 ton)

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