Keeprite Central Air Conditioner (NXA6)
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Keeprite Central Air Conditioner (NXA6)

The high-efficiency Keeprite NXA6 air conditioner features cutting-edge Wi-Fi capability with remote access via the Ion™ System Control and is compatible with several thermostats to allow for greater cooling capability. The Keeprite NXA6 also has a single-stage compressor, single-speed fan, and a built-in protection system for the filter drier. It’s constructed from galvanized steel with a baked-on finish and has wire grille panels and reinforced corners to ensure the strongest protection from even the harshest weather. The wire grille panel design also makes it easier to clean the coils, which makes maintenance and upkeep a breeze. It’s even more environmentally friendly with ozone-friendly R-410A refrigerant.

The Keeprite NXA6 air conditioner is available in multiple BTUs and tons:

NXA618GKA (18K BTU, 1.5 ton)
NXA624GKA (24K BTU, 2 ton)
NXA630GKA (30K BTU, 2.5 ton)
NXA636GKB (36K BTU, 3 ton)
NXA642GKA (42K BTU, 3.5 ton)
NXA648GKA (48K BTU, 4 ton)
NXA660GKB (60K BTU, 5 ton)

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